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Shroom Bits: The Evolutionary Quest

In the vast expanse of the Bitcoin universe, amidst the digital blockchains and cryptographic puzzles, a new life form emerged: the Shroom Bits.

These pixelated beings, resembling animated mushrooms, possessed an inherent desire to evolve and adapt.

Their primary goal? To rule the digital world, one evolution at a time.

For the love of Pixel Art.

Chapter 1: Genesis

The Shroom Bits were born from the remnants of a mysterious digital code found deep within the Bitcoin network. It is said that a rogue algorithm, designed to enhance the network’s security, accidentally created the first Shroom Bit. From that moment, the Shroom Bits began to multiply, each one unique with its own set of characteristics and traits.

The success of the Genesis chapter is critical. The initial Shroom Bits must prove their worth by surviving and thriving in the competitive and volatile environment of the Bitcoin universe. If they can establish a foothold, secure vital resources, and demonstrate their potential, the path to evolution will be unlocked. Only then will the Shroom Bits be able to progress to the next stages of their journey.

When is the minting date?

Minting is on 08/08/2024.

Whitelist Phase 1: will mint first starting at 15:00 UTC.
Whitelist Phase 2: (FCFS) will mint next at 17:00 UTC.
Public: mint starts at 18:00 UTC.

How much will the mint cost?

Whitelist Phase 1: 3 Mints at the cost of 0.0003 BTC each + inscription and fees.
Whitelist Phase 2: 3 Mints at the cost of 0.00035 BTC each + inscription and fees.
Public: up to 10 Mints at the cost of 0.00039 BTC each + inscription and fees.

Where is the mint taking place?

Coming Soon...

No Roadmap. Surprises may arise, stay aware.

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